Books for troubled teens

There are hundreds of books written by professionals that can help with the problems you may be having with your teen. For those parents that don't have a lot of money books can help them understand the disorders and behavoiours your child is working through. The more you understand a behaviour the better you can cope and hopefully change the outcome of your child's future. While books may not completely elimnate the need for professional treatment they are valuable tools in the fight for your teens well being.

Beyond professional books their are books that relate stories of troubled teens that recovered. These can provide valuable insights into what you are experiencing. Partening is a difficult job and the better you understand your role the better you can help your teen. Below are the most popular books on each major subject.

"The very best book of its kind for parents dealing with behaviorally difficult teens. Valuable real-life examples illuminate not just what defiance looks like, but why it happens, and how to bring about change while strengthening family relationships. This will be the first book I recommend to the families I work with."--Sam Goldstein, PhD, Department of Psychology, George Mason University
Bradley, a psychologist drawing on current brain research, argues that teenagers are basically nuts. Using crisp, believable anecdotes that are alternately poignant and hysterically funny (while avoiding generic examples, jargon or psychobabble), Bradley homes in on real-life scenarios, showing parents, for instance, how to respond when their teen is "raging," and how to set curfews and limits. Bradley draws a vivid picture of what the teen is going through, and gives parents the tools to tackle contemporary issues together. An invaluable parachute to parents diving into the teen years. - Publishers Weekly
This is a survival guide for parents who find themselves marooned among volatile and incomprehensible aliens on Planet Teen.
An excellent resource for anyone dealing with addictions....This book contains the information that can start you on the road to recovery. --Bernie Siegel, M.D.
It may be time for a closer look at some of our assumptions about addiction. Between the predominance of 12-step programs and incorrect information issued by the press, thousands of people are getting misinformation instead of the help they need. Lance Dodes, in his book The Heart of Addiction, reexamines common myths and provides a world of new recommendations aimed at helping anyone with an addiction, be it to gambling, alcohol, or prescription medications. Rather than focusing on the specific object of addiction, he chooses instead to look at the common desires and emotions present in anyone with addiction issues.
Shouting at the Sky: Troubled Teens and the Promise of the Wild
This tale of teenagers struggling to remake their lives in the wilds of southern Utah manages to be both deeply lyrical and seriously sappy. Nature writer Ferguson (The Sylvan Path: A Journey Through Americas Forests, 1997) spent several months as a kind of counselor-cum-observer with the Aspen Achievement Academy, a wilderness therapy program whose philosophy blends pioneer self-reliance with a generous helping of New Age blather. The students, plagued by everything from drugs to depression to attention-deficit and eating disorders, are grizzled veterans of countless failed therapeutic schemes.
Parenting Teens With Love And Logic
Cline and Fay know teenagers well, and the book is engaging. The parenting pearls in the last third of the book are worth the price of purchase. Read it carefully; the book is short on "bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord" and long on "do not exasperate your children." --Daniel R. Vander Ark
Parenting Today's Adolescent Helping Your Child Avoid The Traps Of The Preteen And Teen Years
Normally confident moms and dads grow weak-kneed when their children enter--gasp!--puberty. Barbara and Dennis Rainey, parents of six teenage or older children, map out the unfamiliar, demanding landscape of both pre-adolescence (ages 10-12), as well as the teen years that follow. Preadolescence is when convictions are shaped; adolescence is when convictions are tested, they advise parents. In Parenting Today's Adolescent the Raineys help children and parents build a satisfying relationship while forging a vision for a productive, God-honoring life--before, during, and after adolescence.
Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager: 7 Steps to Reestablish Authority and Reclaim Love
"For all parents who want good, immediately applicable ideas that are effective with acting-out teenagers, this is the book for you!" --John Gray, Ph.D.
Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teen
What an encouraging and challenging book for parents. Tripp doesn't pull any punches in this outstanding book that challenges parents to be more deliberate and intentional about their parenting. The primary emphasis of the book is getting through to parents that raising children is not about how they look, how well they score on some standardized test, or how many touchdowns they score, but ultimately if they have a heart for God.